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Ziegler design rugs are sometimes known as Chobi rugs or Peshawar rugs

Afghan rugs have a thin, closely sheered woollen pile that creates

Oushak craftsmanship is considered to be one of the finest

Khurjeen rugs are woven by Turkmen and Hazara tribes in the central and Northern provinces of Afghanistan

Ersari carpet, any of a colourful variety of floor coverings handmade by Ersari Turkmen of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Overdyed rugs are created through a multi-step process of bleaching, color saturation and a special drying process.

Kerman carpets are one of the traditional classifications of Persian carpets.

The design world’s best furnishings, for every style and space

Chobi Persian-style rugs are handmade in Afghanistan in areas situated on the outskirts

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