Publishers and advertisers have access to real-time tracking and monitoring of statistics. Also, using customizable filters, users can access and sort statistics by date, region, device, offer, and vertical. Here are some of the best Adult CPA networks which help websites generate substantial revenues and can target multiple devices like desktops, iOS, and Android. Emmanuel, the best thing you can do is create a great site that attracts traffic that will naturally convert on CPA offers.


Its vast industry knowledge and superb monetization strategies help add value to your business in more than one way. They are into a wide variety of verticals that include dating, auto, and hard products. In fact, they also offer consulting services so that you can tap into the power of Performance-Based Marketing.

#2. Best for International Dating

It is known for exclusive offers with high payouts. However, its major strength is in landings and pre-sale pages that are available in more than 40 languages. Cpamatica is a leading CPA Affiliate Network focusing mainly on dating, Nutra, and White-hat offers for Facebook. It comes as a global partner network that takes every effort for the success of its clients. Cpamatica offers excellent earning the opportunity to affiliates. They are making volumes with the mainstream as well as dating offers.

The betting niche is very popular among affiliates and bloggers because it offers very high payouts. While betting weakened a bit during the pandemic, it is gradually recovering its position in affiliate marketing. Adsterra CPA Network will be the first choice for affiliates looking for direct offers.

GlobalWide Media is another leading CPA Affiliate Network that is running successfully for a considerable length of time. The GlobalWide Date-me Media was previously known as Neverblue. You can look forward to a whole range of affiliate programs from GlobalWide Media.

DMS Performance Ad Market has based its business on campaign optimization, transparency, and quality affiliates and follows best practices in CPA Affiliate Marketing. It already has an expansive list of publishers who are earning huge revenues by joining its various affiliate programs. $2 per lead is way down at the bottom end of commission rates for dating affiliate programs, but this niche is a numbers game. And in this case, you have a potential audience of several hundred million singles to market this dating site to. Also, despite the fact that this program pays a small amount, their EPC means they’re paying a large number of affiliates on a regular basis.

This is why operates in more than 242 countries and expanding fast. If you are looking for an CPA affiliate network that supports you on every step and where you can finally increase your profit you should join MyLead. This comprehensive platform for earning online allows you to promote more than 3000 campaigns in all popular categories. On the other hand, CPA networks pay per download, sign up, sales or any action type offers.

Some of the verticals offered by Adsterra’s CPA Network include VPN, software, gaming, mobile subscriptions, and antiviruses. CPA networks promote these action-based offers to their affiliate base. The network is the link between the affiliate and the company with an offer. GO TO WEBSITE Based in Poland, MyLead is a popular network that claims almost 100,000 affiliate partners. With a full suite of world-wide offers and good partner services and training, they are deservedly well-supported in our Blue Book surveys.

When you sign up, you’ll complete a lengthy personality test so the site’s algorithm can connect you with someone who suits your character. Free members can send and read introduction messages, send smiles, and view or upload photos, while paid members can access all of the site’s features with their credits. is highly accessible, but that also means that a lot of fake profiles exist. To use most of the features, you’ll need credits. The site offers different subscription packages that supply a certain number of credits per month, depending on which one you choose. The 24-month billing cycle is the most affordable option.

In addition, they have an in-house built tool – Flow, that allows webmasters to create their custom SmartLink. As an affiliate marketer, it is important to align yourself with a reliable and reputable affiliate network. AdsEmpire is a leading affiliate network in the industry, with a focus on dating offers.

I like to write tutorials about WordPress, digital marketing, website creation, etc. You may also need a website, blog, landing page URL, or any proof that you have some at least some basic knowledge of the online marketing. I haven’t tested this type of offers yet, but I’ve heard that some people have a real success with content lockers. Most of the offers listed on CPAlead are “incentive” offers, but there are also a few non-incentive offers. If you are a beginner and you want to learn more about how to promote CPA offers, they have several excellent guides on Mobidea Academy.

It offers the best backup and support with a team of 100 employees, all experts in their fields. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn online only if you promote good products and study deeply about the pros and cons of any offer. If you wisely do so, then you can earn $1000/ month easily.

You could earn up to £70 if your referrals sign up for their subscription plans. You could take a look at public forums for target areas with a lot of single people. Often, the guys who are rarely able to find dates for themselves are the easiest to target. They will be prepared to spend money to get what they want. Male-dominated forums will often get enticed by offers put forth by a woman. So, if you’re a woman, you’re already in a great position.

A digital advertising methodology that enables an advertising company to pay a target customer for a certain operation. The percentage rate of performance of a specific action. In other words, the number of transformations successfully divided by the total traffic. Don’t spend your money on ineffective ads; instead, try the tried-and-true campaigns that will help you.